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A CNNPolitics original series

#GetPolitical: A CNNPolitics original series

(CNN) Art often reflects the political pulse of society. CNN's Deena Zaru and Alex Lee explore the intersection of art and politics by profiling artists and musicians about the issues they care about.

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(CNN) Donald Trump's victory based on the Electoral College -- and not the popular vote -- underscores that the American government is "not a government of the people," rapper and activist Vic Mensa told CNN in a wide-ranging interview.

(CNN) Common reflects on black America, Obama's legacy and the silver lining of Trump.

(CNN) Lizzo tells CNN that Hillary Clinton has struggled to resonate in pop culture during the digital age, whereas the most Vinable, GIFable candidate — Donald Trump — has managed to break through.

(CNN) Hamed Sinno, the lead singer of Lebanese indie band Mashrou Leila, speaks out on being Muslim, Arab and gay.

(CNN) Actress Shailene Woodley is channeling her activist side to keep Bernie Sanders' message alive, particularly when it comes to the environment.

(CNN) Dierks Bentley, who considers himself an "independent," told CNN that while touring the country he has seen firsthand the sense of disenfranchisement, anger and frustration that have defined 2016 politics and fueled the rise of billionaire business mogul Donald Trump.

(CNN) The famed consumer advocate and environmental activist lamented the state of American politics and called out the Republican and the Democratic parties for failing to recognize that "we have a national water crisis."

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(CNN) Tom Morello was raging against the political machine decades before anti-establishment sentiments made their way into 2016 politics. But to the Rage Against the Machine guitarist, neither Trump nor Sanders are the answer because the power lies with the people.

(CNN) Rapper Darryl McDaniels -- known as DMC -- says partisan "arguing" over gun control needs to stop and called on politicians to find "sensible and safe" solutions to the problem of gun violence.

(CNN) We caught up with "House of Cards" actor Michael Kelly to talk 2016 politics and learn more about Stamper from the man who knows him best.

(CNN) Comedienne Margaret Cho says the stakes are too high not to vote and opens up about how Harvey Milk and inspired her to become an activist for LGBT rights.

(CNN) Sean Paul and Natasha Bedingfield joined forces with other artists like Paul McCartney and Jon Bon Jovi to issue a call to action to combat climate change.

(CNN) In 2008, when "hope and change" were in the air and a 47-year-old Sen. Barack Obama won the presidential election, Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy released the track "My President" with New York rapper Nas.

(CNN) At a time when the culture and history of African Americans were severely underrepresented in the media and in education, hip hop artists like KRS-One, changed the game for many in the 1980s. 

My interview with Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell

(CNN) As a musical director and keyboardist for The Rolling Stones, Leavell has been recording and touring with the legendary British band since 1982.

My interview with Bill Nye the Science Guy

(CNN) On the eve of Earth Day, environmental activist Bill Nye told CNN that while everybody is more aware of climate change "than ever before," we still have a long way to go.

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